Proposed Rectification of the 12 Stage Process

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At the very beginning of my serious studies in alchemy, I found something I consider a serious anomaly. It was the traditional exposition of the twelve-stage or twelve-step alchemical work. It was laid out in the traditional format like this.

The 12 Core Alchemical Processes

1. Decomposition through Calcination – Aries, Cardinal Fire
2. Decomposition through Digestion - Leo, Fixed Fire.
3. Decomposition through Fermentation/Putrefaction - Capricornus, Cardinal Earth.
4. Modification through Congelation/Coagulation - Taurus, Fixed Earth.
5. Modification through Fixation - Gemini, Mutable Air
6. Modification through Ceration - Sagittarius, Mutable Fire
7. Separation through Distillation - Virgo, Mutable Earth.
8. Separation through Sublimation - Libra, Cardinal Air.
9. Separation through Filtration - Scorpio, Fixed Water.
10. Union through Solution - Cancer, Cardinal Water.
11. Union through Multiplication - Aquarius, Fixed Air.
12. Union through Projection - Pisces, Mutable Water.

In this, I added the attributions of the elements and the modes to the list of astrological signs and couldn't help noticing that it made no sense. it begins with Aries, the sign of cardinal fire and continues with Leo, fixed fire. So far, so good. But then it takes an unusual and apparently nonsensical twist and skips directly to Capricornus, Cardinal Earth. This certainly looks out of place. I began to suspect a deliberate blind to mislead the uninformed. So I decided to replace Capricorn in its usual position with the sign that logically should follow in that sequence--Sagittarius, Mutable Fire.

Since there are four elements and three modes of each element applied to the twelve signs of the zodiac in astrology and since 3 X 4 = 12, it seemed logical to me to follow this scheme in determining the order of the Processes and the three Methods in each Process. The fourth sign seemed to follow reasonably, Capricornus should drop down into the fourth place for Cardinal Earth. In the zodiac after Cardinal Fire, the next sign is Fixed Earth represented by Taurus. So if we adopt Earth as the element of the next triplicity, Cardinal Earth should lead the Earth parade, followed by Taurus for Fixed Earth and Virgo to complete the triplicity of Earth. The result then plays out quite logically as:

1. Decomposition by Calcination. Cardinal Fire, Aries.
2. Decomposition by Digestion. Fixed Fire, Leo.
3. Decomposition by Fermentation or Putrefaction. Mutable Fire, Sagittarius.
4. Modification by Congelation/Coagulation. Cardinal Earth, Capricornus.
5. Modification by Fixation. Fixed Earth, Taurus.
6. Modification by Ceration. Mutable Earth, Virgo.
7. Separation by Distillation. Cardinal Air, Libra.
8. Separation by Sublimation. Fixed Air, Aquarius.
9. Separation by Filtration. Mutable Air, Gemini.
10. Union by Solution. Cardinal Water, Cancer.
11. Union by Multiplication, Fixed Water, Scorpio.
12. Union by Projection, Mutable Water, Pisces.

And it seems to me that this order should give a more reliable result than the traditional one. I am not sure if further modification might be necessary to align the proper order of the Processes and the Methods, but so far, the combination of Process and Method makes sense to me and I believe represents a substantial improvement in the arrangement of the 12 Processes. What say you? Does this make sense to anyone? or have I got it all wrong?

With love under will,

Bob, Adastra,
The Wizzard of Jacksonville

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  • Adastra:
    Thanks for the add. You might like this, I found it tonight, the guy applies the alchemical process with the chakras and planets:

    A quick review of the seven stages of the alchemical process , and how it specifically relates to this "popping" or releasing, (see D.W. Hauck, The Emerald Tablet):

    1. Calcination (first chakra, Saturn, survival) The issue or issues within the physical container are brought up and heated by the Fire.

    2. Dissolution (second chakra/Jupiter, blending) The element is dissolved in the sea of emotions.

    3. Separation (solar plexus chakra/Mars, choosing) A choice is made to separate or release from the "issue," (of energy, tears, or intense physical movement), and in so doing separate from the things which separate our individual egos from others and Self.

    4. Conjunction (heart chakra/Venus, joining together through love) The shift to Albedo, the white, soft stage of the Work. The coming together of Self and ego, or the individual and the community. An important step; often it gives us deeper understanding of our Self in relation to our ego. At the fire circle, deeper connections are forged between the person releasing and the other dancers that receive or catch the energy and assist gently through the process.

    5. Fermentation (throat chakra/Mercury, speaking) Refining, skimming the crud that rises to the surface off the top, to find a purer solution. This is the stage this issue of releasing or "popping" is in right now. We have had the experience of burning, dissolving, separating, and joining together. Now, we are speaking our truth and separating the subtle from the gross as we continue to refine.

    6. Distillation (third eye, Moon, introspective visioning) At this stage of the Work, we have a pure, refined solution. We gain insight and understanding through "processing" our issues through the alchemical laboratory that is our body. By contemplating the past, while being engaged in the present, we can now make informed choices about how to move and interact at the Fire, or out in the world in the future.

    7. Coagulation (crown chakra, Sun, illuminating) The beginning of the Rubido phase of the process, in which our spiritual gold is realized. Consciously connecting to Spirit, releasing the light within matter, dissolving the boundaries between inner and outer experience. We bring our experiences and knowledge into the world, moment by moment, remaining in the flow. We connect with our highest selves, connect with Spirit, and with the earth. Also at this stage, we experience an accelerated rate of synchronicities.

    Peace and Freedom,
    Ron Adams
    Fr Sabaechit
    • >>>the guy applies the alchemical process with the chakras and planets<<<

      Thanks for the URL. I''ve bookmarked it for later study. Busy, busy, busy.

      I might want to check his planetary attributions against some of the traditional systems, since I'm not sure I recognize his assignments of planets to chakras. Maybe his work better, I'll have to get another copy of :"Wheels of Life", since mine has vanished in the course of years, but I'm glad to have an excuse to replace it.

      And the release or "popping" aspect sounds perfectly appropriate from my experience.

      Thanks again for the info.

      With love under will,

      Bob, Adastra,
      The Wizzard of Jacksonville

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